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The Volcano (Der Vulkan) -

ist ein harter, dramatischer Song. Er erzählt, wie durch einen Vulkanausbruch eine Großstadt zerstört wird. Die Einwohner kämpfen ums Überleben und keiner kann ihnen zur Hilfe kommen. Alles passiert so plötzlich mitten in der Nacht, als keiner damit rechnet. Und die Welt verfolgt es tatenlos im Fernsehen. Zum Schluss erklingen die klagenden Stimmen: "Warum habt Ihr uns allein gelassen?" (Why did you leave us alone?)



The Volcano was silent for many centuries.
The daily fun and sorrows, the people lived in peace.
But in the middle of the night when everybody was asleep,
all things changed in a second: The volcano, he began to speak!

The earth was hot as fire. The people couldn't breathe.
The awful cries of children: "Oh daddy, mom, don't leave!"
There was no social action, everyone fought for himself
in search for pure survival, no ears for cries for help.

And up there in safe distance the agonies were filmed
from television helis and sent around the world.
All candle-lights extinguished and the moon was shining bright,
illuminated dead bodies of daughters, fathers, sons and wives.

It's been raining burning stones and the ground it shook like hell.
Collapsing buildings were the grave for people everywhere.

No one could help when the mega-city died.
The world watched on the tele a million people's fight.
"Please, please, please, please, come and help us!
Please, please, please, please, come and help!"

"Why did you leave us, why did you leave us
why did you leave us, why did you leave us alone?"